Research Paper

  • Revealing skill sets required for Industry
  • Skills that firms demand
  • Skills that appear with Industry 4.0


  • Creating new curricula
  • Combining required skills and learning styles
  • Giving better vocational training


  • Discovering the learning style tests
  • Developing skills tests
  • Measuring tendency to technology


  • Implementation of the new curricula
  • Discovering impacts on learning

Futureed 2 Job

"The needs of industry changes dramatically with the correspondingly with sudden and rapid developments in technology, so as the requirements of the firms which employ new recruitment. Although the progress of technology is this rapid, the vocational training programs could not keep up with the pace of those developments. And also, vocational education and skill development is primarily supply driven (i.e. the skills imparted by training institutes may not be in line with the industry requirement. The current vocational training system should meet these newly defined requirements demanded by the firms."

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