Research Paper

The purpose of the research report in the project is to find out the characteristics of the intermediate staff as requested by the firms, to understand the technological effects on vocational training, and to expose which tests reveal the student's abilities, attitudes, and competency. Furthermore, in this research report, the partners’ education systems will also be studied. The report will focus on which different vocational education models are used.

The Paper will be examining the tests that have already been applied or should be applied in vocational training. In the research paper, skill tests need to be accompanied by other tests such as competency attitudes, and also, skill tests should be revised according to the new developments in technology and industry. New tests that measure competitive intelligence, technology tendency, openness to innovation, students’ creativity, and social intelligence will be studied.

The research is fundamental for a baseline for the tests and pilot study. Each partner will choose their own vocational training which priority in their country is.

A research paper will be composed of

The report can be accessed from the link below.